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What is a Registered Dietitian?
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How can a Dietitian help?

Many people can benefit from seeing a dietitian.  The following list provides a sample of different situations in which a dietitian can help.

  • You have diabetes, cardiovascular problems, cancer, or high blood pressure.  An RD serves as an integral part of your health-care team by helping you safely change your eating plan without compromising taste or nutrition.

  • You need to gain or lose weight.  An RD can suggest additional sources for healthy weight gain or an eating plan plus physical activity for weight management while still enjoying your favorite foods.

  • You or a teenager has issues with food and eating healthfully.  An RD can assist with eating disorders like anorexia, bulimia, and binge eating disorder.

  • You want to improve your performance in sports.  An RD can help you set goals to ahieve results and improve performance in your specific area.

  • You have a digestive problem. An RD will work with you and your physician to help fine-tune your diet so that you are not aggravating your condition and can help you to feel your best.

  • You are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.  An RD can help make sure you get the nutrients you need during pregnancy to help you feel your best while promoting your newborn's health.

  • You need guidance and confidence breastfeeding your baby.  An RD can help make sure you are getting enough iron, Vitamin D, fluoride, and B vitamins for you and your little one.

  • You are caring for an aging parent.  An RD can help with food or drug interaction, proper hydration, special diets for high blood pressure, and changing tastes and sensitivites as you ages.

  • You are thinking of having or have had gastric bypass surgery.  An RD will work with you and your physician to develop an eating plan for you and your new needs to ensure that your body is getting the right amount of nutrients.

  • You want to eat smarter.  An RD can help you sort through misinformation, learn how to read nutrition labels, discover that healthy cooking is inexpensive, learn how to eat out while making wholesome choices, and how to create a healthy relationship with food.

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